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How Does Chiropractic Massage Differ from Regular Massage?

People have long turned to massage in search of relief and relaxation. It’s easy to understand why so many people have that tendency. Nothing beats getting a relaxing massage following a long week at work.

That said, you may be missing out on a form of massage that could be even better for your body. We’re specifically talking about chiropractic massage.

It’s easy to dismiss chiropractic massage as a clever bit of branding, but reality tells a different story. Significant differences between chiropractic and regular massage make the former more capable of meeting your needs. The biggest difference is related to the additional dimension of care imbued into chiropractic massage.

Chiropractors understand the body as well as anyone in the medical field. They spend years developing a deep understanding of how the human body works so they can render the treatment that suits it best. That knowledge comes in handy whenever chiropractors provide chiropractic massage.

Aside from offering the standard benefits of massage, chiropractic massage also places more emphasis on addressing issues affecting your musculoskeletal system. If you’ve been dealing with joint pain or some other form of discomfort lately, you can expect chiropractic massage to do something about that. Unlike standard massage, the type of relief you can enjoy from chiropractic massage lasts significantly longer.

Chiropractic massage also works wonders on flexibility issues. An injury you recently sustained may have reduced your range of motion considerably. Your range of motion may be compromised to the point where even performing basic tasks has become nearly impossible. If that’s the case, chiropractic massage will help restore the flexibility you lost.

You can enjoy the benefits of chiropractic massage in Scottsdale, AZ, after consulting Dr. Tanner of Tanner Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

What Can You Expect During a Chiropractic Massage Session?

Similar to other forms of chiropractic treatment, the main idea behind chiropractic massage is addressing the underlying causes of your injury. Your chiropractor will first run diagnostic tests to determine the nature of your injury, and then they will decide if chiropractic massage is an appropriate course of treatment.

Upon determining that chiropractic massage can work for your injury, the chiropractor will ask you to lie down so they can begin treatment. Expect them to work on your entire body while putting special attention on your nagging injuries. Depending on your specific needs, chiropractic massage sessions may last for an hour or longer.

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