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Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures

Physiotherapy is the use of different modalities to assist in the healing process.  When a patient presents with various injuries such as muscle sprains/strains, post surgical rehabilitation (knee replacement, hip replacement, knee surgeries, rotator cuff surgeries, carpal tunnel/hand surgeries) etc...they usually need to see their primary Doctor to get a referral to see a Physical Therapist.  My license to practice Physiotherapy does not require a Doctor's referral to receive treatment at my clinic.  If you have insurance benefits and it states that you only have Physical Therapy coverage, and not Chiropractic, most likely your visits would not be covered by your insurance.  If you have any questions regarding your coverage, please call the office at 480-595-6100.

Physical Medicine modalities we offer:

-Dry Needling
-Electrical Muscle Stimulation
-Interferential CUrrent
-Galvanic Current
-Spinal Decompression
-Intersegmental Traction
-Manual Traction
-Moist Heat Pads (Hydroculator)
-Ice Therapy (Cryotherapy)
-Rehabiltative Exercises 
-Stretching/Flexibility Programs
-Come and see our 1,000 square foot workout facility equipped with every piece of rehabilitation equipment imaginable.