I love my family and I love what I do.  But as you know, life can be devastating when you are in pain. I care about people, I listen closely, and when I've diagnosed your problem, I give you my best.  If you've been to other Doctors, been on too many pain medications, and are tired of not getting results, this is how I can help you:

-I will do a detailed history, examination and evaluation of your pain.  If x-rays or an MRI are needed, I will only order what is necessary.  
-I will do a comprehensive analysis and then discuss your treatment options. 
-If you like the treatment plan, we begin.
-If you don't think the care plan is for you, we shake hands and part as friends.  My goal is to make you healthy, happy and pain free in the fewest amount of sessions as possible.
That is my goal as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  If you want a Doctor that listens, someone who really cares, someone you can trust and and a Doctor who wants what is best for you, then call me today.  If you are in a lot of pain, I will get you in usually the same day.  At Tanner Chiropractic, I have a unique way of treating pain, and have been doing so since 1996.  

                                                            Dr. Jon Tanner, DC
                                                               (480) 595-6100

Dr. Jon Tanner, DC of Tanner Chiropractic, with his wife Amanda, son Christian and daughter Kaylee.

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